Empowering Lives with Specialized Care Support

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Accommodation / Tenancy Assistance, Assistance with daily life tasks in a group or shared living arrangement, Assistance with travel/transport arrangements, Daily Personal Activities, Group and Centre Based Activities, Household tasks, Interpreting and translation, Participation in community/social and civic activities, Assistance in coordinating or managing life stages/transitions and supports.

Community nursing care for high needs, Development of daily living and life skills, Innovative Community Participation, Support coordinating.

Tailored NDIS Support and Services

Quality Care for Diverse Needs

1HealthCare’s approach to NDIS & Disability services is rooted in quality and compassion. We recognize the varied and specific needs of individuals with disabilities, offering a broad spectrum of services. This includes assistance with social and community participation, transportation, meal preparation, and more.

Our team is adept at matching the right professionals to provide not just care, but also emotional support and companionship. By focusing on individualized care plans and maintaining high service standards, we help clients lead fulfilling lives. Our expertise in NDIS & Disability services makes us a trusted partner in delivering exceptional care.

Quality Care for Diverse Needs

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